Tiny soldiers do battle each day,
waging silent war against the unseen -
an inward enemy that plays evil tricks
on these soldiers' little bodies.
Still, they fight
Still, they smile
Their courage is unending.
Their greatest weapon is their laughter.
Boundless Hope is their captain,
the banner that they carry high.

Tiny soldiers, though often weak,
endure the tests and treatments
that drive grown men to their knees.
They boldly march toward their prize -
toward whole bodies
toward healthy lives.
Often found playing in their beds,
little pranksters they are at heart,
teasing their doctors and nurses,
living their lives to spite this war.

Tiny soldiers, how many have fallen!
Rivers of tears flow in their memory.
Their spirits live on in order to remind us
to continue in this costly, bloody war.
Fight the fight!
Find the cure!
Bring childhood cancer to its demise!
Sing this song for the young heroes gone before,
and ensure victory for the ones yet to come.
The unseen enemy must win no more.

Copyright © 9/18/2004 Tracy M. Ries
Used with permission

Mom to Tiny Soldier Stephen Ries

Thank you Tracy for the beautiful poem.

Look into the faces above ~ they are
our children, our grandchildren,
our co-workers's children,
the children of our friends, and
the children of strangers.
They are our future.
One above has already won her
battle but it was not a Earthly healing.

We must do everything possible to wipe
out these cancers that these Tiny
Soldiers fight. We need to save our
future. We need to help these
parents save their children.

Please help these children and families by
supporting Childhood Cancer fundraising.

Here is but a short list of groups
that do so much to help. Can you help?

Make A Wish

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Make A Child Smile

Candlelighters Childhood Cancers Foundation

National Cancer Insitute

The Tumbleweed Foundation

Childhood Leukemia Foundation

Locks of Love

The Neuroblastoma Children's Cancer Society

Hugs and Hope for Sick Children

Share The Love

National Marrow Donor Program

Miracles in The Making

Midwest Children's Brain Tumor Center

Quilts of Love

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from Songs of Praise
and used with permission

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